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He wrote a letter to her boyfriend last night(一般过去) He is writing a letter in his room. (现在进行) He has been writing for two hours(现在完成进行) He will write a letter tomorrow.(一般将来) He was writing a letter at this time last night.(过去进行)

:)1、一般现在时:I write with my right hand .我用右手写字.2、一般过去式:The student wrote letters to her mum two years ago .这个学生三年前还给她妈妈写信.3、现在进行时:He is writing on the blackboard.他正在黑板上写字.4、过去进

一般现在时 I study English every day. 一般过去时 Two years ago, I studied English in England. 一般将来时 I am going to study English next year. 现在进行时 I am studying English now.

read: I read a book yestoday; I read newspaper everyday; I will read this book several days later; I am reading newspaper now;write:I wrote this letter last year; 展开 作业帮用户 2017-10-30 举报

1、现在完成时 He has written 10 diaries. 10 diaries has been written by him.2、过去完成时 They had written 1000 words. 1000 words had been written by them.3、现在进行时 I am writing a blog. A blog is being written by me.4、一般现

一般现在时:I often sing songs in the Music room.一般进行时:I have taked many photos.过去时:I climbed a litter hill.将来时:I will go to bed.希望采纳!

现在进行时.What are you doing 过去时.what did you do 将来时.what are you going to do 谢谢

i will write to you next week.我下周会写信给你.

我读书 一般现在时:I often read books.一般过去时:I read books yesterday 一般将来时:I'll read books tomorrow.正在进行时:I'm reading an interesting book.

我读书一般现在时:I often read books.一般过去时:I read books yesterday一般将来时:I'll read books tomorrow.正在进行时:I'm reading an interesting book.

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