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一、winter holiday的意思是:寒假 二、例句:1.What are going to do this winter holiday?今年寒假你想做什么事情?2.Will you go back to your hometown for Spring Festival this winter holiday?你今年寒假会回家乡过年吗?

My winter holiday(我的寒假) In winter holiday,usually I stayed at home and did my school work.Sometimes I help my mother do some housework or watching TV.(寒假里,我通常呆在家里做作业,有时候我会帮助妈妈干点家务或者看 看电视)

Winter holiday is nearly over now. I felt very good. In the winter holiday, I usually get up at 9:30, and then I do my homework till we have lunch. At noon, I watch TV or play

Winter Holiday My winter holiday was very interesting.The weather was very cool,so I can go shopping,go skateboarding and go camping, but I has too much homework to do. I can did my homework with my friends,so I was very happy!

My family winter holiday is not so colorful, but it is warmful.In winter holiday, all the members got together. We chatted, with grandma and mom busy in the kitchen. When it

winter 英[wnt(r)] 美[wnt] n. 冬,冬天; 年岁; 萧条期,衰落期; v. 过冬; (家畜) 冬季饲养; 使受冻,使萎缩; adj. 冬天的,冬季的; 越冬的; 冬播的; holiday 英[hlde] 美[h:lde] n. 节日; 假日,休息日; vi. 度假,休假;

Winter holiday is coming in a few days,I hope to spend my time to do something useful.So,I have a plan for my winter holiday.Firstly,I am going to Beijing by air,as we know,

This winter holiday, mother took me to Kunming TourismThe first day after the Spring Festival,We drove to the “Daddy where to go”The Place Puzhehei.We climbed the

My winter holiday is coming,so I have a winter holiday plan now.I am going to spend lots of time of my holiday on sports this year.Playing basketball is always my favourite,so some of my classmates an

The Winter Holiday We are going to have the winter holiday.During the holiday we will have the Spring Festival.So all of the families in China are having a busy time.All of the children in China like Spring Festival very much,because they can eat many

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