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有哪些适合「打工人」的沙雕文案?The four expectations topush wage slaves forwardare: getting off work, Fridays, Pay days and

Kitsch 是什么意思,有哪些内涵?哪些东西是 Kitsch 的The argument from the ivory towers goes like this: humans, most who are “wage slaves” sp

求求大哥哥大姐姐,阿姨叔叔,帮忙翻译一下你想知道的事情,不……所以你应该写 自由的黑人重建,解放是一个重要的经验学习;自治,它代表了昔日奴隶自由和白色的控制。自由迁徙

急!!!在线等,帮忙翻译?翻译下面句子:1得知女儿在地震前就离2。 The negotiation between the employer and employees on salary increase is in a deadlock。3。

toformerslaves,itrepresentedautonomyandfreedomslaves favored the new sharecropping system,which provided more independence than the wage system.

林肯的英文简介Lincoln abolished slavery in the rebellious states and defeated the separatist forces of the South.林肯他废除了叛乱各州的奴隶制,击败了南方分离势力。Lincoln

尊敬的贵国警察局:回答:你好! 请问要翻译成哪个国家的语言啊? 他们是在哪个国家打工啊 ?

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