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believe是相信被人的意思只是信赖的关系,depend on则有依靠依赖以某人人为主的意思.



depend on: vt. 依赖(依靠,取决于,随而定) 例句与用法: 1. Children depend on their parents for food and clothing. 小孩依赖他们的父母供给衣食. 2. It all depend on whether she like the boss or not. 一切都取决于她喜欢还是不喜欢这个老板

a rebuttal letter that responds to each point反驳的信,对每个点a rebuttal letter that responds to each point反驳的信,对每个点

four-letter word n.(字母少的)粗俗下流词 脏话;粗口;四字母粗俗下流词 例句1."A little four-letter word made me get this for you, " he said softly.丈夫温柔地说:“是一个四个字母的单词使我为你买下它.”2.A Dublin economist responds that

to which 前面的to 是和respond 连接的.从句按照中国人习惯应该是 a child responds best to which(which 是表主语的代词).这里我们把to 用到了代词which的前面而你给出的整句话中的主语是 Finding out the right way of communication 这件事情,也就是我们所说的动词分词作主语.which 引导定语从句.is 是be动词,an essential task.是表语.希望有所帮助,加油哦!

癌症:合作损伤20021108 发表于: 2009-2-25 13:39 来源: MedSpeaker 医学之声 The success of cancer as a disease is due in part to a collaborative effort between tumor cells and other populations of nonmalignant cells in the body. These

good manners are really important in one's social life. good manners show your friends and partners or mostly people you meet the first time what a person you are. it reveals personal characteristics like if you are respectful, arrogant, or humble. let

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