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keep dong 是持续干某事 keep to do 是保持干某事

keep sb doing sth

一、用作及物动词 1. 意为"保存;保留;保持;保守".如: Could you keep these letters for me, please? 你能替我保存这些信吗? I'll keep a seat for you.我给你留个座位. It can help to keep vegetables, fruit and meat for a long time in hot

keep sb/sth doing sth 是使某人(某物)一直做什么,强调doing 这个动作keep sb/sth +adj 是指使某人(某物)一直处于某种状态,强调adj的状态

1.keep+adj 保持某种状态 e.g keep heallthy2.keep+ n.+adj 使某人(某物)处于某种状态 e.g keep the room clean3.keep doing sth. 一直做某事 e.g keep working4.keep on dong sth 反复做某事 e.g keep on thinking about the game.5.长时间的借.e.g How long may I keep the book?6.保存e.g I can keep it for you.7.饲养e.g He keeps a dog.

continue go on 表示继续做某事keep on 表示坚持做某事

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keep sb dong sth 后面那个还要加个to

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你好!keep dong sth.保持做某事如有疑问,请追问.

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