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为什么「分期付款」的英文是 Installment ?Installment - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary 这个英语词典网站是我经常用

install是什么意思解析:这里的install是安装电话的意思。2、安装,建立(程序)I'll need some help installing the software.我

Implementation和Installation的区别1. The act of installing something (as equipment) or .A building or place that provides a particular service or is used

请教英文高手~~~15. Utilize all resources, solve the sudden trouble that the company appears while installing, maintaining the system.16.

请帮我翻译以下安装说明书,急。。。翻译成英文Step one: open the box remove the parts, check parts are complete Step two: Install icon first arc pressed to put on

英语翻译,谢谢哦!food and lodging and back and forth fare, if went through all related formalities in overseas installment by consumer)

英汉~!翻译~!急~4.2、 现场服务 site service 在软件进行现场安装和调试时、乙方将派工程师1人到达现场提供为期10天的技术服务,甲方免费提供往返

哪位大虾帮我把这几个句子翻译成英文要专业术语呀,偶遇在 二四驱动转换电机的安装说明 1.本电机安装之前必须以电机转角的总行程取中心位置安装。2.取完中心位置后关掉全车电源。3.安装之

哪些英语用法是普通中国学生最为生疏的?而不是 We're installing a new telephone system! 2. 使,让 (cause something to happen)Sorry

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