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For him梧簡哂猟

for him 嶄猟梧簡 For Him. - Troye Sivan&Allday We are runnin' so fast 厘断髄閏鯒 And we never look back 貫音指李狛肇 And whatever I lack you make up 厘篤移音畠低俐火温髪 We make a really good team 厘断泌緩爺夛仇譜 And though not

梧爆:Pray for Him 梧返:Billy Gilman knocked on his door last night he should have been there i waited till 6pm lord i'm worrying again said he messed up something real bad whatever it is i'll be there i'll pray for him hope he's all right feels like he's

no i won't surrender 音,厘蒸音氏誘週 at any cost 音砿原竃販採旗勺 you're something so sweet and tender from my heart 低壓厘伉嶄頁泌緩議矢築才梁悲 yes i've done my evil him 頁議,厘斤麿嗤恟具 i've done my good 徽頁厘頁斤徭失佩鋲 just

I've been reading books of old 厘演響症汐 The legends and the myths 椎乂硬析勧謎才涙円舞蜘 Achilles and his gold 泌唖職草帽才麿議媾旋瞳 Hercules and his gifts 泌砕性針責帽才麿議爺験舞薦 Spiderman's control 珊嗤岌幃論議嫺陣畠蕉 And

梧爆兆:pray for him梧返:Billy Gilman廨辞:everything and moreBilly Gilman - Pray for HimKnocked on his door last nightHe should have been thereI waited till 6pmLord I'm worrying againSaid he messed up something real badWhatever it is I'll

‐ここにあるのは埴がいるままで僉んだ祇の/Koko ni aruno wa kimi ga ima made eranda michi no壓宸戦議頁低匯岷參栖僉夲議祇揃‐基えたちよ ほら徭附を隔って序めばいい/Kotae tachi yo hora jishin motte susumeba ii栖~鎮竃徭佚 念序祥

梧爆兆:A River For Him梧返:EMMYLOU HARRIS廨辞:Portraits(emmylou harris)I crossed on the riverTherel be no returningI crossed all the bridgesI watched them all burningAnd now I a strangerTo a strange land I drivenWhere all is

I woke up this morning you know 低岑祇宅?書壼佰栖扮I had a shocker 厘載妾冏See it finally hit me how much 融隼吭紛欺徭失厮弭秘握采I truly love ya 厘寔議握低Stumbling out of bed 諌諌和寛I grabbed my phone and called ya 廛軟窮三,王低議

LEO:Your honourwhen I was in Rio, and had everything I'd ever dreamed of低議蕃勦輝厘壓RIO,旺啜嗤匯俳厘誨知I suddenly realized that this man this man議厘融隼吭紛欺..椎倖繁..椎倖繁No one every made me feel like someone'Til

She Is My Sin 頁厘議恟 take heed, dear heart, once apart 伉藻吭 牌握議伉 匯稀蛍宣 e can touch nor me nor you 宴涙隈乾寵低賜厘 essed as one 肇附貧議討谷 wolf will betray a lamb 税繍嘘菟椎剪午 ead astray the gazers 擬痴余議繁断 e razors on

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