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exerting1.全面实现“创一流”目标 exerting1.顶端压力2.顶端量 exerting pressure1.施压 pre-exerting1.预顶压力 they are now exerting for a final spurt1.他们现在正努力作最后冲刺 你的这句话翻译为:梁山伯与祝英台,四大民间故事对中国施加“全球影响”

exert除了努力等之外也有施加压力的意思…所以exert myself是对自己施加压力

work out 一般是指解决问题,制定计划等.e.g. work out a problem (解决问题), work out a program (制定计划) figure out 指的是算出,想出,理解的意思 e.g.i can't figure him out(我不能理解他)

figure n. 外形, 轮廓; 体形; 隐约可见的人[物]影; 身体与物体平面面积 画像, 塑像 图形[案]; 插图; 图表 形象; 人物; 身分; 地位 (计算中用的)数字; 符号; 数值; 位数; [pl. ]计算, 算术; (几何)图形 修辞手段, 修辞格;【逻】

应该是: exerting 发挥; 运用; 使受(影响等); 用(力


1.put to use同义词:exercise2.have and exercise同义词:wield,maintain3.make a exert control over one's emotions.抑制自己的感情He's been exerting his influence on

美国传统词典[双解] better adj.(形容词) good的比较级形式(1) Greater in excellence or higher in quality than another of the same class, set, or kind. 较好的:与其他同类相比具有更高或更好品质的(2) More useful, suitable, or desirable than

One of the themes that are common to everyone is how to become success. Some “no pains, no gains” .Without exerting oneself, one could never expect to achieve

slide 英 [slad] 美 [slad] 过去式: slid 过去分词: slid 现在分词: sliding 第三人称单数: slides vi.滑动;下滑;滑入;悄悄地溜走 vt.使滑动 n.幻灯片;滑坡;滑动;雪崩 用作不及物动词 (vi.) If you pull this lever, the roof will slide back.

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