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谁知道"表扬"一词的英文怎么写啊?(有急用,谢谢)to compliment sb on sth I compliment z443270335 on the great job you have done. Keep up the good job!

有哪些有趣的单词的演变或起源的故事?制定了以自己氏族名命名的儒略历(盖乌斯儒略凯撒,Gaius Julius Caesar),这个历法就是影响到后来

有什么专业的难度是被严重低估的?a synod of the priests of Egypt at Memphis on the occasion of the coronation of Ptolemaios V as king of Egypt, 196 (Burstein

有哪些原版英文书籍值得推荐?Lean In is an inauguration more than a last word, and an occasion for celebration . Many


如何让自己的英语写作达到英语母语者的水平?several times.Edit it ruthlessly, whether by cutting or polishing or sharpening, on each occasion.

10篇英语小短文meal. It is very important for the Chinese to be with their families on this occasion. Fish is always part of the

如何评价《三体2:黑暗森林》英文版(The Dark Forest英文版译文:inquire after the mothers of the entire human race 个人认为用inquire after没有表现出

为什么读古典学(the classics)的人特别少?Caesar: Bellum Civile 1 [in trans.: all + Bellum Gallicum] Catullus: all Cicero: In Cat. 1; Pro Archia; Pro Caelio; Philippic

被校歌洗了脑是一种怎样的感受?哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈这种问题哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈让我先大笑一会 好了。给题主讲一件事。考试周的时候,

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