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BE AttrACtED to和By

be attracted to 与be attracted by 有啥区别?谢谢!_百度知一、意思不同 1、be attracted to:迷上了2、be attracted by:被吸引。二、用法不同 1、

be attracted to和by的区别回答:be attacted to 表示喜欢 likeBabies are attracted to bright colours. 婴儿喜欢鲜艳的颜色be attracted by被什么吸引dog was

【beattractedto与beattractedby有啥区别?谢谢!】be attracted to例句Fred thought that Susan was attracted to him,so it was one in the

【Beattractiveto和Beattractedto的区别】Be attractive to: 某些事物对某些人有吸引力,主语事物 Be attractived to: 某些人对某些

被吸引用英语怎么说?3. 被..所俘获 be captivated/enthralled by 4. 吸引人的:sth appeals to sb,sb is attracted

sb, be attracted to sth.与 sb . be attracted by一、意思不同 1、sb be attracted to sth:指某人被吸引去做某事。2、sb be attracted by sth:指

1.be attracted to 是“吸引人”还是“被吸引的”意思呀 是be attracted to是“被吸引”的意思。不只有Be动词,是be加及物动词的过去式,才能完整表达被动语态。

be attracted to后面加动词的时候要用什么形式?应该是+doing 因为to在这里是作为介词而出现的

be attracted to是什么意思被吸引到 Communication and understanding is important, so I tend to be attracted to asian-americans.沟通和理解是重要的,所以

这个英语选择题有点难,高手来sb be attracted to sth是指某人被吸引去做某事 sb be attracted by sth.是指某人被某物吸引 变成被动,不能省略to

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