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早点休息吧 go to bed early;have an early rest更多释义>> [网络短语] 早点休息吧 early break;rest as soon as possible 不早点休息吧 earlier at rest 你早点休息吧 you get a break;you get rest

早点休息的英文:Have an early rest!early 读法 英 ['li] 美 ['rli] 1、adv. 早;早期的;早熟的2、adj. 早;提早;在初期 短语1、quite early 很早2、too early 太早3、appropriately early 早得适当4、exceptionally early 特别地早5、gloriously

Rest earlier.

早点休息:Turn in early晚安:Nighty night

Have an early sleep. Good night.日常问候语1. Good morning.早晨好!2. I'm John Smith.我是约翰、史密斯.3. Are you Bill Jones?你是比尔、琼斯吗?4. Yes,I am.是的,我是.5. How are you?你好吗?6. Fine,thanks.很好,谢谢.7. How is

Everyone is tired, tired, early rest, good night

I'm not in a good mood. Have a rest early.

good night ,go to bed early ! 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

早点休息have an early rest早点休息go to bed earlier早点休息sleep early

to sleep early

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