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用BE CovErED with造句

be covered with 被……覆盖 In winter,the earth is covered with snow.

'be covered with The road was covered with snow last night 有不会的可以再问我

The hill is covered with flower.

你的问题要调整一下,应该是be covered with/by的区别.be covered by : 由承担/负担/支付;被掩护/报道/监视/控制等等,表示抽象的概念, 后面接人, 机构, 或者组织.These expenses are covered by the state.这些费用都由国家负担.All road out of town has been covered by the police .所有出城的道路都被警察监视.be covered with : 被覆盖,表示具体的覆盖.如被雪/草地/布/被子/盖子/罩子等东西盖住.请采纳支持下

be covered with与 be covered by 这两个词语都有“由覆盖”之意 介词with用于主动或被动语态均可,指“用覆盖/掩盖”,表状态 介词by用于被动语态,引出动作的逻辑主语,表动作 不可通用!

be covered with被……盖满;充满着……Any sharp corners, especially those facing you, should be covered with decorative photos or green, leafy plants. 任何尖角的地方,尤其是对着你的,应该用装饰的照片或绿色的大叶子植物盖上.be covered

be filled with的意思是充满,可以说:The box is filled with the toys.盒子里装满了玩具.

用be filled with,充满 造句this cup is filled with milk. the cups are all filled with milk. 注意be 的单、复数变化. be filled with=be full of,可以相互替换. 希望对你有所帮助.学习进步、快乐!

be bored with 对…感到厌烦2113 The is bored with reading books.这个男孩以对读书5261产生了厌倦4102.He is never bored with football.对于足球,他1653乐此不疲.He is never bored with teaching.他对教学工作版从权不感到厌烦.

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