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1, if he were to come, what we say to him?2, if I have time next week would go with you.3, the teacher suggested that we (should) clean the blackboard finally.虚拟语气是一个比较困难的语法问题.然而只要我们好好总结一下虚拟语气的构成和用法,

1. If my mom saw him now, she would be really happy.2. If I were a teacher, I wouldn't punish my students.3. If I were sick, I wouldn't need to go to school.4. If Tom passed tomorrow's test, he would be able to buy a computer.5. If Linda had time, she

If he came tomorrow, I would tell him about it It is time that children shoud go to bed. It is important that we should take care of the patients. If you had not bought a ticket, how would you fo there? I would feel lonely if there were no friendship. 有问题追问

1.我要是你的话,我就会把英语学好.If I were you, I would learn English well.2.如果你昨天来,你就会看见他.If you had come yesterday, you would have seen him.3.万一明天下雨,我们就不到那儿去.If it should rain tomorrow, we could not go anywhere.4.我希望我十年前认识他.I wish that I would have known him 10 years ago.5.他对待我就想对待他自己儿子一样.He treats me as I were his own son.

解析如下:语气(Mood)是动词的一种变化形式.它用来表示说话人对某一行为和事物所持的态度和看法.英语中有三种语气:陈述语气(Indicative Mood)、祈使语气(Imperative Mood)和虚拟语气虚拟语气:用于表示动作或状态不是客观

we inisist that mr.brown should chair the meeting.it it necessary that he should be sent there.People suggested that the meeting should be held at another time.

If he should go to Qing Hua University, he would make full use of his time. 如果他要上清华大学的话,他就会充分利用他的时间了.If he were to come here, he would tell us about it. 如果他要来的话,他会通知我们一声.If he were free, he would help

1 I wish I have more free time and they request I sing a folk song 3 it is strange that she comes today so late 4 prepared vital 5 hope you speak the truth and he asked us to pay in cash and we support cutting spending proposal 8 such things he forgot

虚拟语气是动词的一种特殊形式,用来表示所说的话只是一种主观愿望、假设、建议或请求的,不可能成为事实或实现的可能性小.一般的条件从句:(虚拟语气在条件从句和其结果主句中的用法) 条件从句 主句 与现在事实相反 if +主语+were/过去时 if+主语+should/would/could /might+动词原形 与过去事实相反 if +主语+had +过去分词 if+主语+should/would/could /might+have+过去~ 与过去事实相反 if +主语+ should/were to +动原 if+主语+should/would/could /might+动词原形(或极不可能实现的情况)

1. 如果他们明天某个时候谈论这个问题的话会得到一个正确的解决方法的.如一楼所说:should 表示将来的虚拟.2. 如果某天绿色植物消失了,那么地球上几乎不会有什么生命了.虚拟语气: 表示对现在或将来的虚拟,if从句用过去时,说明事情并没发生只是做过假设;如果对过去的虚拟则if从句得用过去完成时,表示过去要是做了什么事情会产生什么结果.如: If I had worked harder, I wouldn't have failed in the exam.

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