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一楼的,这么简单的英文还用机器翻译骗人,鄙视你!二楼“露露的兔兔”翻译的比较正确,但过于正式了.我在美国生活十年了,给你谈谈在美国口语中的用法:收款台,露露的兔兔说的一点都没错.试衣间:Fitting room.回答:There are 3 aisles in front of you, take the one on your left, go all the way down and you will find the washroom on your left (or left-hand side).穿多大号的衣服?在美国口语中是意想不到的简单:What's your size, sir?

1. 你 穿多大尺码的 衬衣 / 裤子 ?What is your shirt's / pants' size? 2. 你妹妹 穿 多大尺码的 衣服? / 多大尺码的 连衣裙 ?What is your sister's clothes / dress size?3. 我穿 42 码的衬衣 My shirt size is 42. 4. 我穿 42 码的鞋子 My shoes size is 42. / I am a size 42 in shoes. (口语中较常使用 / 常见) (如果是谈论尺码一般会使用 one's size ) 希望能帮助到你!!!如果满意的话,请采纳,谢谢.

what size clothes you want?

先生,给你的衣服 Give your clothes, sir.先生,给你的衣服 Give your clothes, sir.

你好,楼主,答案是:you look much

How are you Sir! Do you want any receipts for the clothes?

你好!更口语化;s your size?What':What size do you wear翻译打字不易,采纳哦!

The well-dressed gentleman!

你穿多大裤子 You wear too many big pants/trousers 满意请采纳,谢谢

你好!你穿多大尺寸的鞋子what size of shoes do you wear

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