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(1) She gets up at six. 她六点钟起床. 语法分析:表示经常性的或反复性的动作. (2) It snows in winter. 冬天下雪. 语法分析:表示永恒的真理. (3) How does the story end? 故事的结局如何? 语法分析:一般现在时可以表示一些没有时间性的

你挺能熬夜的 到现在还不休息.我就帮你一把吧 1.从句就是起修饰作用 的句子.宾语从句 从句作宾语就是宾语从句;整个从句起一个名词的作用,在及物动词后作宾语.如; i hear that he will be back soon.我听说他快回来了.他快回来 就是宾

When you think you know nothing,then you begin to know something.当你以为自己一无所知的时候,你就是在开始知道一些事物了.When truth is buried under the ground ,it grows,it chokes,it gathers such an expl

When you arrive at home, please tell me.After you read this book, please clean the room.Before he does his homework, he will watch TV.He won't go to bed until his mother comes back.I will tell you as soon as Tom finishes his work. when(连词,

I saw him when he arrived there.当他到那儿时,我看见了他.

when I was just reading a book when she came into my room. 她走进我房间时,我正在看书.while While Jim was mending his bike, Lin Tao came to see him. 正当吉姆修自行车时,林涛来看他.before They had hoped to be able to arrive before

10个时间状语从句(1)Tom was reading a book when / while/ as Mary was watching TV.(2)While / When/ As I was reading,I fell asleep.(3)When I got to the station,I found the

伴随状语是指状语从句的动作伴随主句发生,它的特点是:它所表达的动作或状态是伴随着句子谓语动词的动作而发生或存在的. 例如: ①he sat in the armchair,reading a newspaper. 他坐在扶手椅里读报. ②all night long he lay awake,thinking of the problem. 他整夜躺在床上睡不着,思考着那个问题.

when,while和as的用法:(1)三者均可表示“当……的时候”,如果主句谓语动词表示的是短暂的动作,而从句表示的是一段时间,三者可以通用.例如:i met an old friend of mine as/ when/ while i was walking along the street.(当我沿街散

Before she comes here,I have to finish the task. When the teacher came.we were laughing.

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