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不要学习太晚要早点休息 Sleep early rather than learn too late.

It's very late now,rest early, earning money is endless.

很晚了,我要睡觉了,你也早点睡 It's late. I have to go to bed. You go to bed earlier.

It is vey late at night now. Rest early.那你早点休息吧都这么晚了

别玩的太晚,记得早点休息Don't play too late. Remember to take an early break

Go to bed early.Don"t be too late.晚上早点休息不要太晚睡了

抱歉!很晚需要休息了.晚安!I am sorry! It\\'s too late,I need to go to bed! Good night!

时间很晚了,我要休息了Time is late, I'm going to rest

我要帮家里看店,要忙到很晚,你早点休息吧,晚安i want to help the family to see the shop, to be too late, you have a rest, good night

It is too late to do something,just go to bed earlier,money is wangbadan,you don't know how much you can eary entil you use them all.

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