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"不可以"的英语表述:1、may not,英 [mei nt] 美 [me nt] 释义:不见得;不可以;未必;不得You have to learn not to cut your toenails in the living room 你要知道不可以在起居室里剪脚趾甲.2、cannot,英 [knt] 美 [kn:t] 释义:

不可以 can't

Don't speak to me in English!

采纳建议 take advice / take advice ofadopt suggestion /adopt suggestion of都可以请采纳我的答案

Can I?具体环境而定

能不能用英语是can and cannot.解释:can 英[kn] 美[kn] aux. 可以; 能; 能够; 可能; vt. 将…装入密封罐中保存; n. 罐头; (用金属或塑料制作的) 容器; (马口铁或其他金属制作的) 食品罐头; [例句]Pork is also the most versatile

1、do without 2、have no use for 3、with no need for 4、needn't 【need 】1、v.需要;必需 .If the ground is too dry, then you need to water it.如果地面太干燥,那么你就需要给它浇浇水.You need some warm clothes for the winter.冬天来了,你


good-for-nothing,of no use,without effect useless of no avail

如果表示你不能够、不可以的话可以用:"You can't" 如果表示你很弱,你不行的话可以用:"You suck" 如果表示不是不是你的,你不行可以用"it's not for you" 希望可以帮到你,谢谢..

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