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I'm writing to request a valuable chance to be one of the host families of the British students. We have a large and clean house, which lies in a beautiful area of the city. I'm good at English and my parents are both professors of English, so I'm

Mr1.住房宽敞舒适 2.房子处于市中心,交通便利 3.讲标准英语,待人热情随和 4.定期举行家庭聚会,便于自己了解西方文化 5.提供免费洗衣,自己做饭.Home Stay RequirementsDear Mr. XX,I am a Chinese but studying in a secondary boarding

Dear Peter,I'm LiHua.I have the pleasure of informing you that I plan to study English in London,so I wish you can find a host family for me.I eager a large and clean house, which lies in a beautiful area of the city. The parents have better speak

单间single room,干净1 clean tidy,near the中心森特 市city,free traffic,房东男的landlord warm heart 女房东landlady hot,能说speak 英语

Dear Tracy, I feel sad at your going back home.You know I am very happy to enjoy the time you stay here.You've been always very kind to me.You have helped me a lot on my English study.I hope you can stay here longer but I know you also miss your



你好你帮我找了寄宿家庭 翻译成英语是:You helped me find a host family.

My name is Lihua,I'll go to University of Birminghan.I want to find a host family to live in. I am 19 years old and I come from China.The host family for which I am looking is a place where I can live for 3 years.And I'll arrive there on 5th,August,2011.My

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