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帮忙把下面的句子翻译成英语, 晚上六点半我会在公...

Tonight, I am going to wait for you at the gate of the park on 6:30 . Please, don't be late!

I know i am a bit of annoying, but all i want is to be your friend. Everything I do is for your own good, and yet you seen to not care at all. is it that hard to be friend with you? If you think that i am really annoying then i want you to tell me. After that you will

How much worry? How much blue?Why I don't see the at the end of light?What determine how life should last?Why I never want to return?Too much sorrow too much pain.Why such softness sun ray stings me hard?

I am myself. I will not become a second somebody, and will only be the first myself.

1 We often prepare some Chinese foods for our foreign friend.2 Can you do me a favor?3 Let's reserve a relatively quiet room in the hotel for him.

Short life, and not something less happy; learned to endure, when the wronged; learned bearish, being misunderstood; learned to look on, in the upset; learned to calm when angry; to endure when found far fewer unnecessary disputes over! Bearish

2004. Do you think students should do to improve our environment. Most of the cities in China to the extensive use of the Internet and mobile phones, so keep the environment clean is everyone's responsibility. 26.她的声音非常优美,我们都被吸引

1.开车时绝不应冒险.Never take chance when driving. 2.当我小时,我在一个小城镇生活.When I was young I used to lived in a small town 3.他不贫穷,相反他很富有.He is poor but he is rich in sprit. 4.我正要离开时,他就打电话来了.His call is comming in when I am leaving.

fuck you这么简单的句子都不会?

Everybody is good, today to the standing here, have opportunity to interview all the examiner consult and learning, and I feel very honored to introduce below. The basic situation, I called XX, XX years I from XX province, in the field of study in four

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